apply beneficial nematodes and overseed grass together


I have grub problem and some part of the lawn is bare, I like to apply beneficial nematodes and together with over seeding the whole lawn. Is this possible ? I know I need to water the lawn after I apply the BN. And also after over seeding. Just wondering why not do them together. Any procedure I should follow if this is possible ?


A grub infestation in one’s lawn can become a problem if it is not treated. You are clearly aware that use of beneficial nematodes may help to solve the grub problem and that overseeding the affected area will be necessary to restore your lawn. Since the grubs are at a stage when the use of beneficial nematodes is the most effective (end of August), you would like to overseed at the same time. Both the BN treatment and grass seed require watering.

This is an excellent strategy–if the nematodes are effective, the grubs should be dead before the new grass roots form. Now is the best time to do both.

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