Applying Lawn Top Dressing Consistently


With my neighbour, we share a small lawn which is about 20 feet by 30 feet. I’d like to buy some top dressing, and a video suggests using a special levelling rake. Our lawn is level, so could I use my fan/leaf rake, since the rungs of the rake are close together? I’ve added the link of the fellow promoting the need of the specialty rake, where he is applying top dressing to a sloped lawn.
Thank you


May 4 2021

About two minutes into the video, the demonstrator shows a garden rake, which is most commonly used to level the top dressing. The fan rake is usually for raking lawns to clear debris.

You may use the garden rake, which as you see is straight with metal tines. Try turning it over after the first few strokes and work in a small area at a time. The back of the rake should enable you to spread your top dressing evenly.