Appropriate plant for shade for end of summer and beyond


I need to replace the hydrangea that I have in a planter on my covered front porch (house faces south) by another plant. I was thinking of a Begonia, since they do well in that spot in the summer, but since we’re already at the end of the summer I was wondering if there’s some other plant that may last beyond that. Thanks


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners (TMG) with your question regarding a replacement plant for  a container on your south-facing, covered porch.  If begonia’s do well in this location in the summer I will assume you have at least partial shade.  Begonias will be more susceptible to frost than some other plants, however, the first frost date for Toronto is typically around early November so begonia’s could still be a choice depending on where you live.  Garden centres will soon have a variety of potted chrysanthemums and asters available.  If you have 6 hours of sun, either of these may be a good temporary, fall  flowering choice.

You may also find this information on the TMG website helpful in terms of  annuals that are more shade tolerant.

Edible ornamentals such as kale and cabbage also need some sun but are frost tolerant and may be options to consider.  Culture and care is described at the following website

Best of luck with re-planting your container!