Aronia – shade tolerance?



I am developing a new garden on the north side of my house. There are numerous mature trees in the area and therefore the area I’m looking at will get afternoon sun in early spring and dappled afternoon in late spring/summer.

I want to plant a native shrub at the back of the bed which will provide some height (6′ would be ideal) and interest in autumn/winter.

I keep coming back to Aronia, Black chokeberry. Tolerant of soil types, attractive to birds, stunning fall colour, berries etc.

I am unable to figure out how shade tolerant this plant is however. Would it grow in a partial shady area and still, produce flowers, berries and turn colour?

I also would like to know if the shady area I’m looking to plant it would affect size. I am hoping to fill in a space about 7′ w x 5′ d.

Also, if this plant will not grow in a shady area are there any other recommendations for a similar sized native shrub? Have also been considering dogwoods.



There are three Aronia’s that you may consider, see below along with information links:

Aronia melanocarpa – Black Chokeberry

Aronia arbutifolia – Red Chokeberry

Aronia x prunifolia – Purple Chokecherry

Other native shrubs you may consider are outlined in the Grow Me Instead booklet guide for Ontario, see pdf using the link below:

Good luck