Hi, we have just built a box 4 ‘ by 16’ , 8 ” below ground and 16″ above ground. Please let me know what type of soil to purchase to fill the box, who to buy from and where to get asparagus crowns. We live at Leslie and Finch. I purchased about 8 plants already. The box is in full sun.


While we cannot recommend one soil supplier over another, you should contact Landscape Ontario for the locations of reputable garden centers in your area. As for the type of soil, triple mix is often suggested as it contains organic matter which is important in the growth of vegetables although any combination of topsoil, compost, fine bark mulch or peat will work.

You should plant your asparagus crowns in a single row down the center of your raised bed with a spacing of at least 12” between them which would mean purchasing no more than 15 crowns in total. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has several sources of asparagus crowns which you can access here.

Please also read a post on our website about how to grow asparagus in containers since your raised bed is essentially a very large container and similar suggestions will apply.