Attaching a Silver Lace Vine to a shed roof


Hello: I just planted a Silver Lace vine beside my shed and have it supported up the side. I would like it to grow up and over the roof at the front and was wondering what is the best support on the roof. Also is it best to cut it totally back to the ground in the late winter as I want it not take all season to regrow. Thanks you. I live in Zone 5, I have amended the soil so it is loam.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. Silver Lace vine (Fallopia baldschuanica aka Polygonum aubertii) is a vigorous, adaptable, fast-growing, deciduous, twining vine that typically grows to 8-11 m or more (4-5 m in one year). It has masses of white flowers during a long blooming period from mid-summer to fall. It needs a support structure to climb on, and since you would like it to climb on your roof, perhaps you could use more of  whatever structure you have to support it up the side of your shed and attach it to the roof, leaving room for it to twine under the structure.

F. baldschuanica grows very rapidly and also spreads quickly by rhizomes. It can be very challenging to control and keep it from spreading where you don’t want it. It will require severe pruning each spring to keep it within bounds, back to .3-1 m from the ground, as well as trimming excess growth as needed throughout the year.

F. baldschuanica is aggressive with invasive tendencies. It is in the same family as Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) which is an invasive species in Ontario and in other countries as well. So while Silver Lace vine has lots of lovely flowers and a long blooming period, it does have its faults and you might want to consider replacing it with another beautiful vine that will require less effort to manage. Here is a brochure that has information about some alternatives, and a link to information about Japanese knotweed.

Grow Me Instead

Japanese knotweed

Here are a couple of links with information about Silver Lace vine :

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Good luck with your vine !

June 6, 2021