Automatic composters


There’s a food cycler which Consumer Reports review with little support. Do you know of an indoor food composter which might be current, and has good reviews, since the Vitamix one seems more trouble than it’s worth. Facing major surgery makes me wonder how I’m going to use my green bin in Toronto, and drag it out. Ideally, I’d recycle my compost from the machine to a garden.

I’ve added the article from the magazine in a hyperlink.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. As a matter of policy we do not recommend specific products, and indoor food composters are not an area of expertise for us. However, I have done some reading on this topic. Below are two links from respected gardening experts that you might find helpful.

Garden Myths : Electric Composters – An Eco Win or Unnecessary Appliance?

Laidback Gardener : Trying a Tero Food Waste Recycler

Good luck with your research !


April 29, 2022