Avocado leaves


I have had my indoor avocado plant for over a year now. However, I noticed the leaf tips turning brown. I flushed the dirt and let it drain well, but now the leaves are changing texture and yellowing around the edges. I know it must be root bound because I see a few tiny roots coming out of the hole of the terra cotta pot. It’s due for repotting. The dirt has settled from when I repotted it last year September/October. I meter the dirt and water it about once a week. I am wondering if there is a lot of salt buildup at the bottom of the pot? The older leaf tips are brown as well as the large ones. I have beautiful new growth coming from the top since sun has been more frequent. The avocado plant is a Mexican breed that sits in a North window. Cannot achieve putting it in a South window. My assumption is it needs repotting and having the soil settling do much the dirt has too much buildup… I also let the water sit for a good week before watering


Your plant sounds as if it is in a growth period so the few brown tips are probably nothing to be concerned about. Repotting is always a good idea when you see shoots coming out.

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