Azalea plant


I bought a beautiful Azalea plant last year – possibly at the end of the winter – it bloomed beautifully for a very long time.

During the summer it was outside in a shady spot growing in shiny, healthy, new leaves. I’ve brought in in for the winter. How do I get it to rebloom?


Thank you for submitting this question to Toronto Master Gardeners. Azaleas are more likely to bloom is the following process is followed:

  • The potting medium for azalea needs to acidic. Traditionally soilless mixes with peat moss have been used, however, the harvesting and use of peat moss is bad for the environment. Acid soils that use tree bark or coir are preferable. The plant probably came in a peat moss soil, when it needs to be repotted, consider re-potting with a non-peat moss soil.
  • Once the initial blooms have faded,  give it an fertilizer formulated for azaleas until every two weeks August.
  • Azaleas can be placed outside once all danger of frost is past in the coolest spot possible away from the bright sun.
  • While outside or indoors the plants must be watered regularly to ensure that the soil never dries out.
  • Shape the plant midsummer to remove scraggly growth.
  • In the fall, bring it back indoors to a bright cool spot with no direct sunlight.
  • To ripen the buds, place it in an area such as an unheated sunroom where the temperature is around 5ºC.
  • Cut back on the watering a bit to induce bud formation.
  • Once the buds are swelling, (usually in January) move it to a warmer location of around 18ºC and at that point the azalea should re-flower.