Baby Sunflowers Being Eaten Alive


I’m writing from downtown Toronto. I’ve planted some baby sunflowers in a few different areas on the grounds of my apartment building; a bunch of them (in one specific area) are being ravaged by little munchers – they’re eating little holes in the leaves & soon there will be nothing left of them.
I can forget about seeing them bloom unless I do something.
Any idea about what is happening?
The area is watered nightly via sprinkler.


A variety of garden pests may ravage your plants, including aphids, weevils and beetles. Slugs, which leave a silvery mucous trail in their wake also cause this type of damage. They hide under low lying leaves, dense ground covers or rocks during the day, emerging at night to feed.

Watering daily, which keeps the soil moist, also encourages slugs and snails to live in the garden.

The following websites may help you solve your problem:

Hopefully you will enjoy some blooms later this summer.