backyard gardening



I am planning to start a garden in my backyard this year. I am new to gardening and was wondering if there are any courses/classes/workshops you offer?



What a wonderful adventure you’re about to undertake. It is an excellent idea that you take a course/ class/ workshop. As Master Gardeners we don’t offer courses or workshops per se.  We have advice clinics at various events such as Canada Blooms currently on at the Direct Energy Center now until March 23.  There are also many gardening guides on our web-site.

There are many good books available at the Toronto Botanical Gardens (TBG) library.

The TBG offers many courses/ workshops.  One, that may be of interest is on May 6, Gardening Basics for Black Thumbs.  Many of the larger nurseries, Sheridan, Humberview offer workshops and courses as well and there are several good Canadian gardening magazines.

Another source for information is George Brown College and on-line courses are available through several universities.

Hope this information helps.  I remember when I first started gardening, I knew very little, but took some courses, asked a lot of questions and realized most plants can be very ‘forgiving’. Planting them in good soil with the proper light requirements and the proper amount of water goes a long way to a successful garden.  Enjoy!