backyard plants


I live in Richmond hill , On. my backyard have lots plants . I would like to know the name of the plants. Would you help me to figure it out. Thank you very much . the pictures are attached . I named the pics buy 1 to 10 , some have 2 pics , I named the pic 1a or 2a and so on . I don’t know why I can not attached more pics . how I can attaché more than 1 pic .


Thank you for your inquiry. From the above photo it appears you have 2 types of invasive weeds. The plant with the heart shaped leaves is creeping bellflower, Campanula rapunculoides. Creeping bellflower occurs throughout Ontario in lawns, gardens, fence lines, roadsides, disturbrd areas and occasionally in cultivated fields. It is sometimes planted in ornamental gardens but spreads into adjacent areas by underground rhizomes as well as by seed and is a very persistent weed. Control of creeping bellflower takes vigilance. Digging  out the cluster of heart shaped leaves as soon as you spot them is your best defence against this stubborn weed.

The second plant in the photo appears to be canada thistle, Cirsium arvense. Canada thistle is a creeping perennial that reproduces from vegetative buds in its root system and from seed. It is difficult to control because its extensive root system allows it to recover from control attempts. Persistant removal is imperative so that the  weed is continually stressed, forcing it to exhaust it’s nutrient stores and eventually die. Click here for more extensive information on this agressive weed and how to control it.

If you wish additional help with plant identification might I suggest bringing samples of the plants to the farmers market which is held at the Toronto Botanical Garden every Thursday from 2-7pm. There will be a number of Master gardeners stationed at the farmers market eager to help. Also, click here for The Ontario Ministry of Food and Agricultural  website on weed identification and control.