Balcony Flower Gardening


My balcony (14th floor) is long (70 ft. by 6ft.) facing south . Morning and early aft. sun. It gets extremely windy at times.
Is it possible to have a nice flower arrangement under these conditions. It seems to me that most flowers need wind protection at this height and to that end I have tried to create a sheltered area using Plexiglas but this has not been very effective Where can I find a specialist to help with design and choosing of plants?
I am limited to boxes or pots of course The balcony also continues on the west side of the building so the wind is a problem from the south as well as the east. Any help would be appreciated


Yes you can have a flower garden even on a windy balcony. You just need the right selection of plants. Wind is not only a physical force on a balcony but a drying agent so it is preferable to select drought tolerant plants as well as ones that will offer less wind resistance – ie lower growing, or ones with sturdy stems or grasses that are flexible enough to ‘blow’ in the wind rather than break.

Ground hugging succulents such as the Semper vivums (hens and chicks) and the brightly coloured portulacas are a good selection; grasses and flexible plants like lavenders; California poppies; geraniums and especially the ivy leaf geraniums to name just a few. I have included links to some of our other online posts for balcony gardening and a link to a list of drought resistant plants.

For professional assistance check or ask at your local nursery as they often have someone on staff who can provide this service or can refer you to someone.

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