Balcony garden


I have an unconstructed east facing balcony on the thirtieth floor in downtown Toronto that is quite windy. What plants would you recommend for these conditions? I was hoping to also start a small vegetable patch.


When planting on a blacony there are a few considerations that must be addressed before you begin your project:

1) Consult with your building management for legal, safety, and weight considerations.

2) Take the time to learn how many hours of sun per day your balcony receives

3)Hardiness level for perennials is a few levels lower the higher up you are located

4) If you would like the plants to overwinter, the containers will have to be large and insulated. Also make sure the containers have adequate drainage.

5) If you are in a windy area your plants will require more water.

It is difficult to make specific plant suggestions since you did not mention wether you wish to grow annuals or perennials however, the following websites are excellent resources for balcony gardening. Providing both how to information as well  suggestions for grwoing  annual, perennial and vegetables on a balcony.,  balcony gardening

I hope that you have fun planning your new outdoor space.