Balcony Geraniums


Where can I purchase these plants in Ontario. I used to get them from Plant World until they closed down. I can’t find anyone who carries the true Balcon Geranium with the long trailing habit much longer than the regular Ivy variety


Pelargonium peltatum or more commonly called Ivy or Trailing Geraniums are wonderful plants to grow on a balcony or in a hanging basket.  Here in Ontario, these plants are grown as annuals for their wonderful colorful summer long displays.  There are over 75 different commercial cultivars and this seems to expand from year to year.

As we are just in the middle of April which is considered “Spring”, the growers of Pelargoniums still have these plants in greenhouses, so they won’t likely be available in the nurseries until the end of the month or early May.  Now that the nursery where you previously purchased your plants has closed, I suggest you phone your closest nursery or garden centre to find out when they are expecting their supply of annual “Summer” plants to come in – generally speaking this is a few weeks before the May long weekend.

Hope this helps.