Let me explain that I have a bamboo hedge about 50 feet long and is on a slop which is anywhere from 12 to 14 plus feet wide, with a runoff stream at the bottom. During the Muskoka Rive flood this stream rose 6-7 feet covering half of the bamboo. There is very little growth where the water layed, I would like to know if the bamboo will come back again or has it drowned and I will have to replace it with new plants.
Thank You


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

Bamboos thrive in moist, but well-drained soil in a sheltered, sunny spot. They tolerate most soil types, but some varieties require acidic soil.

A major misconception about bamboo concerns the amount of water it needs. It looks perfect when planted next to a  pond, but bamboos can’t stand in water — they’ll either drown or their growth will be inhibited which is what you are currently seeing. The fact that you are seeing growth indicates that some of the rhizomes (below ground roots) ae still viable.

Bamboo is best when planted in the spring, this gives the roots extended time to become well established. My advice would be to cut your bamboo down to ground level and see if you get any additional growth in the spring. If the plants are still not preforming well  then replace them plants at this time.

Good Luck