Banana Plant


My banana plant is dying, eventhough I put limit water and keeping it in sun…


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners concerning your banana tree.

In general banana trees prefers to be grown in full sun (6-8 hrs) of direct sun, in rich, moist slightly acidic soil with good drainage. These plants originate from the rainforest so they thrive in moist-humid conditions. These plants are heavy feeders so they will benefit from the application of a balanced ( 10-10-10) fertiliser throughout the active growing season.

Have you noticed any insects on your plant? Is the plant located next to a vent? Could cold air from an air conditioner be blowing on the plant? Does the pot have adequate drainage? From your photo it looks to me as if the plant could have  been overwatered. Have you checked to see if the soil is dry between waterings?

I would remove any driedup old leaves and continue to monitor the plant. For more information on growing a banana plant indoors see Growing Bananas at Home

July 30, 2021