Bark damage to eastern redbud



I have an Eastern Redbud, the wind broke off 2 large branches, is there anything I can put on the tree to protect it from the elements as the bark is torn away.




The bark of a tree is the external vascular system that carries water and nutrients vital to a tree’s survival. Therefore any damage to a tree’s bark can have potentially fatal consequences. What is the extent of the bark damage? If the area of torn bark is more than 25% of the cirucumfrance of the branch or trunk, then you may need to consult an arborist.

If the bark damage is relatively small, then you can probably clean up the wound yourself. The key is to faciliate the tree to callous around the wound properly. Therefore, do not put any products onto the wound. With a sharp knife, carefully remove all the loose bark to the point where bark is sound and firmly attached. Make sure the knife has been disinfected (you can dip it in rubbing alcohol or household bleach and dry it thoroughly before cutting). Do not remove more bark than absolutely necessary, and do not to cut into the inner bark. Then leave it to the tree to do the rest.

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