Bartlett Pear Tree Pollination


My neighbour has cut down his pear tree as it was blocking a stop sign and I’ve just planted a new Bartlett¬†Pear tree two years ago hoping for the cross pollination from his tree. Am I out of luck now? What can I do to get pears? How far away can a second pear tree be before it no longer serves as cross pollination?
Thank you!



Pear trees are a wonderful addition to any yard but as the asker knows some trees require multiple trees to be self-pollinating. Luckily, Bartlett pears are one of the few that are partially self-pollinating. The tree will produce fruit even without other trees nearby to pollinate it. It won’t, however, produce the same quantity of pears as it would if it could be self-pollinated.

As long as the tree is well cared for – clean tools when pruning, never pruning when it is wet and (hopefully!) having well drained soil – you should continue to enjoy your pears!