Basil growing


I have a North facing herb garden that i am growing many things in, all are doing well except my basil. I have purple basil the generic basil and Thai basil. The basics are not growing, they get watered once a day in the evening, they are in good soil, but only have about 10cm of soil below before they hit the bed rock. They see sun most of the day and get some shade from a nearby tree (pine I believe) I keep any needles off the soil. The potted basil is doing the best, the other 2,not so much. How can I help them grow? Pictures can be sent if it’ll help.
Thank you in advance for your time and expertise


Basil likes sun, warm temperatures and soil with a lot of organic matter. It sounds like you’re providing all of this so I don’t have other suggestions for you.  Basil is not finicky except when it comes to cool temperatures.  It sits still during cool temperatures and collapses at the first hint of frost.  Perhaps your basil has not yet recovered from a slow start.  It typically does very well in pots as you’ve noted.  I expect your container heats up more than the soil in your garden.  I’m including a link to the Toronto Master Gardeners guide on growing herbs.   Contact us again if other symptoms develop. 

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