Bearded iris not returning after one year


I planted two bearded iris two years ago, and one last year. None of them have come up this year. What could be the problem?

Should I try again with new plants?


The fact that your bearded irises have not come up this year may be due to planting technique. Make sure you keep the rhizome visible above the soil. Dig a hole and create a mound in the middle; place the rhizome area there and spread the fibrous roots around into the trench. Try to plant at least 6 weeks before frost; keep plants 12 to 24 inches apart; and add bone meal, super phosphate or 6-10-10 commercial fertilizer. Avoid strong nitrogen ratio. In the spring, keep the soil moist until the end of the flowering stage; avoid mulch as that would cover the rhizome, but in hot weather the base should be protected, preferably by the leaves.

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