Pony tail Beaucarnea recurvata


I bought a plant about a month ago, called Beaucarnea, elephant’s foot. I think my house is too dry for it, and wonder if I should place a pot of water near the plant to help it. Is there any other care you would suggest?


The plant you have purchased is  called Ponytail Palm as well as Elephant’s Foot. Thank you for supplying the botanical name of Beaucarnea recurvata. This lovely houseplant is a tropical from Mexico, and thrives in a dry, warm environment. It is an easy-care succulent that looks like a palm but is not.It needs bright light, so place it by a window in the brightest light you have. In growing season, you may water every two weeks, but in the dormant time, such as now, you need to water sparingly- only once in the whole winter. In fact, you should not water it very much at all. If the leave tips turn brown, take scissors and snip the ends off carefully. Otherwise, just enjoy! By the way, as a houseplant, it will not flower.