begonia not blooming


I bought this begonia in May 2021 as a tiny, 5 cm tall plant. It has lovely leaves but has never given a bloom. In winter it lives in a south-facing second floor window (the only sunny window in the house). It is about 30 cm wide and 24 cm tall. Is it supposed to give any blooms? Thank you.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

The begonia in the photo is a Rex Begonia a rhizomatous plant that grows from a shallow and knobby rhizome. It requires a wide pot rather than a deep pot. Rex Begonias are not grown for flowers as they have showy leaves. Rex Begonia Information

The bloom time for Rex Begonia early summer to frost and indoors can continue blooming. Like many houseplants, Rex begonias should be fertilized when they are actively growing. Use a dilute, quarter-strength, high potassium (NPK, K = potassium, example 5-5-10 )fertilizer once every 2 to 3 weeks during the growing season. Do not fertilize from October until there is new growth in the spring. Rex Begonia Care