Bent grass


I live in Erie Pa…zone 5…clay soil, sun and shade
Each year when it gets hot the grass in our yard no matter how much water it gets dies in big unsightly brown spots…easily pulled out ….not long roots…as I was told was bent grass…I would love to have the dream yard next year and get rid of this…please tell me what to do to get rid of this unsightly problem. I would really appreciate it.


Controlling bent grass is not easy to contain and eradicate if your lawn is severely damaged by bent grass. The best option is to kill all the grass by smothering out the existing plants by covering it with newspapers and soil. Working in small sections, put down 5-10 sheets or newspaper ensuring that they overlap each other, water it down to help keep it in place.  Cover the newspaper with 3-4 inches of weed free topsoil. You can then reseed with good quality seed or resod with sod rolls.

If the area is small, you could try using a sharp garden rake to thin and cut out the “creeping” portion of the bent grass. Then reseed the area with a mixture of topsoil, sharp sand and good quality grass seed. When the seed begins to grow, make sure to mow weekly at a height of 2-3 inches (5 – 7 cm) and water with at least ½ inch of water a week. You should fertilize in late May to early June and again in late August or early September.