Saw this berry bush.. What is it?



Thank you for submitting this photo of what appears to be a non-native bush honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica).  This plant is on the invasive species list, which includes 3 species of honeysuckle L. maackii, L. morowii and L. tatarica.  Exotic bush honeysuckles can easily be confused with native bush honeysuckles. Native bush honeysuckles usually have solid stems, compared to the exotics, which have hollow stems.

Invasive honeysuckles are herbaceous shrubs native to Korea, Japan and China.  They were originally introduced in the late 1800’s for their attractive flowers and to help with soil erosion.  They are an under story shrub commonly found in old fields, floodplains, forest edges and roadsides.  Unlike our native species, they leaf out early enabling them to steal light from native plants that require a sunny forest floor in spring in order to flower, fruit and gather energy for the next year.  Birds consume their fruit, allowing their seeds to be distributed long distances.

The above website also gives you information on what you can do to prevent the spread of this invasive shrub.

If you wish to plant a bush honeysuckle, might I suggest planting a similar native species such as  Lonicera canadensis or Diervilla lonicera.