Best Mulch and Pest Controls for Organic Vegetable Garden


I have a 700 square foot vegetable garden and want to know what is the best kind of mulch for it? I have tried peat moss and straw. What about coir? What is a natural option? Also are there natural insecticides?


The best mulches for a vegetable garden are shredded leaves, grass clippings and seedless straw. As you’ve probably discovered, peat moss and coir can dry out, then block moisture from reaching the soil below and may blow away.

Insecticidal soap sprays control many insect pests. B.T.(Bacillus thurengiensis)  is one of the best for chewing insects.  Diatomaceous earth(silicon dioxide) is used for crawling insects and helps with slugs. For information about what products are and are not allowed in Ontario, visit the Ministry of the Environment’s website here

You may also refer to our Gardening Guide: Controlling Insects Without Pesticides, found here.