Best place to buy Lilacs in Toronto or GTA? – STATS ONLY


I am wanting to take advantage of the free time I have during COVID-19, and plamnt a Lilac hedge (roughly 10′ long).

Where would you recommend I go? Also, what would be the hardiest Lilac? I am in Toronto and want to make sure that whatever species I am getting works.

ANy assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Thanks for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  We are a non-profit organization and provide advice and help in solving gardening issues for Toronto-area gardeners.  We do not recommend specific sources for purchasing plants.

However, although your local nursery is not open at this time due to the pandemic, you should  be able to purchase plants on-line, for delivery to your home.  There are several on-line suppliers of lilacs (and many other plants) that ship across Canada.  Consider entering the following search phrase on Google: “order lilac plant on-line Canada” – several entries pop up.  Take a look at their on-line catalogues, and you may be surprised at the variety of lilacs offered!

Most lilacs should be hardy in the Toronto area – here is a previous post, Plant hardiness zones .  It is important when ordering the lilac that you check the hardiness zone for the plant — a good on-line retailer will provide this in the detailed description of the plant.

There is no particular lilac that we would recommend, but it is important that the plant receives full sun (6-8 hours a day), as if it gets too much shade, it may not bloom.  Lilacs also prefer rich soil that drains well.  If you are planting several lilacs, remember to consider their final size – height, width – don’t plant them too close together as they could ultimately end up competing for sun, water and nutrients, and some would not thrive.  For more information, see Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Growing Lilacs.

A word of warning –  lilac plants will likely be shipped in the dormant state, as bare roots – with instructions on how to store them for a short time prior to planting, and also on how to plant them.   Don’t be disappointed in just receiving the bare root, this is normal, and your little plants should happily thrive in the garden!

All the best through this challenging time.