Best place to buy seeds


My nephew past away and I am looking at making paper seed hearts (recycled paper shaped in hearts with seeds added to paper pulp) for my brother and sister in law to give as thank yous etc. I am wondering if forget me not seeds will be successful planted on this paper ( or if you have a better suggestion) and where the best place is to buy for get me not seeds. I want to make at least 75 hearts. Thank you.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners’ with your question regarding Forget-me-nots (Myosotis).  Forget-me-nots are small seeds that readily germinate and grow well in the Toronto area and many parts of Ontario.  Be sure to purchase annual Forget-me-not seeds as there are biennial types that bloom only in the second year.  Other easily germinated seeds that are broadly available include Calendula and Zinnia.  The pandemic lockdown has made buying seeds a bit trickier but many grocery and hardware stores have seed displays where you can purchase packets.  To order specific seeds or a larger quantity, a Google search for seed companies can direct you to a seed provider in your area.  All seeds have specific requirements in terms of light, temperature and water for optimal germination.  For best success, your seed paper should be planted in the manner suggested on the original seed packet.

We wish you well with this very special and thoughtful project.