Best planting time


Is the fall a good time to divide/plant or is the spring better. What would be the dates in Toronto’s Moore Park


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. Perennials can be divided in the spring or fall. The important consideration for which time is better is when they bloom. Plants that bloom late in the season should be divided in the spring, since there won’t be enough time for them to re-establish before the frost if this is done in the fall. Plants that bloom in the early spring should be divided after they bloom. Dividing Perennials: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide (also available on our website) is a good resource for additional information.

Here is some information from to a previous question sent to us about when to plant perennials :

You can plant container-grown perennials anytime you can work the ground. Ideally, the best time to plant perennials is in the early spring since the plants will have time to become established before the hot weather begins. You will also find the best perennial selection during the spring months, especially if you are looking for early spring blooming varieties.

Perennials can also be planted in the fall as long as there are three to four weeks of good growing weather to develop strong healthy roots before the first hard frost.

The average date of the first fall frost in the Toronto area is Oct 8-13. The average date of the last spring frost in the Toronto area is April 30 – May 3.