Best Soil Composition


Best soil composition for new beds in upper beech where the soil is sandy.
I can buy pre mixed or mix myself.
It is a small bed for hostas and ferns.


Thank you for your excellent question about how to create best sandy soil conditions for Hostas and Ferns in your new small beds. Since the soil in the Beaches area of Toronto tends to be sandy, your attention to amending it contribute greatly toward achieving healthy growth and beautiful shade-loving plants. They thrive in abundance and superbly in many gardens in your neighbourhood.

Please find a resource from the Toronto Master Gardeners archives with details about building up sandy soil for perennials. Perennials for sandy soils. It’ll help you decide whether to buy or make your own soil mix. With the right level of water, sun, and other simple attention, both approaches can achieve wonderful results. However, remember that sandy soils drain quickly and most ferns require certain levels of moisture maintained. Although amending soils is always encouraged, planting the correct plant in the right location, will help in the long run.

I share another excellent TMG article about soil fertility should you want more in-depth background about building up your new sandy beds. Soil fertility

I wish you happy gardening!