Best time for planting a fruit tree semi dwarf



Can you please advice the best time ( months ) for planting an organic fruit tree semi dwarf ? Is it good time end of months of May?

Where Can I find certified organic nursery fruit tree in GTA ?


Thank you for your inquiry to the Toronto Master Gardeners.  We have a great deal of information for you.

The answer about best planting time comes from our website’s Fact Sheet on planting trees:

Yes, spring is the best time to plant a tree. Deciduous trees, such as your fruit tree, should be planted as early in the spring as possible. Coniferous trees prefer planting from mid to late spring when the soil has warmed up a little.

The cooler days of autumn are the second best planting time. However, most trees in a container can be planted anytime during the growing season, if kept well watered.

Your new tree will be sold in a container, wrapped in burlap, or bare-root. Trees in containers, and those wrapped in burlap, can be kept watered and in a shady place until you are ready to plant them. A bare-root tree must be planted immediately. If you must wait a few days, plant it temporarily in a pot or ‘heel in your tree’. Dig a shallow hole in a shady location, lay the tree on its side, throw some soil over the roots, and cover with wet burlap.

It is kindest to plant your tree on the morning of an overcast day. This reduces the stress the tree faces from having to cope with the effects of the burning, drying sun.

More information on how to prepare the tree and the hole is in the fact sheet.    You will also need to consider the location of your tree, whether there will be enough sun and space.

Your second question is about where to purchase an organic dwarf fruit tree.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food has a partial on-line list of Fruit Tree Nurseries in Ontario which can be seen at

In addition, Toronto Master Gardeners have developed a comprehensive list of Gardening Guides in partnership with the City of Toronto including The Organic Fruit Garden at

Good luck gardening and eating!