Bio weed and feed


There are tons of weed on my vegetable patch, and our backyard is infested with mosquito for me to work outside long enough to do too much weed pulling.

is it safe to use lawncare product, Bio weed and feed to control it???


It is certainly a challenge to keep a vegetable garden weeded; and, of course, it’s even more difficult when mosquitoes are present.  Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to weed and avoid mosquitoes. The product that you mention, Bio-Weed & Feed, is actually intended for lawns; it would definitely not be useful for preventing weeds in your vegetable garden.

Perhaps you can use an effective mosquito repellent before you tackle some weeding. Other than using products that contain DEET, leaves from plants, such as Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) or Rose Geranium (Pelargonium x asperum, sometimes sold as P. graveolens), can be easily crushed in your hands and rubbed on your on exposed skin; there is evidence that doing so will help to keep the mosquitoes away.

You might also consider using a long-handled fork or hoe to deal with the weeds; if they haven’t gone to seed, digging shallowly into the top few inches will be enough to uproot them–you can leave them to dry up on the soil. If they’ve gone to seed, try to remove the weeds without disturbing the seeds (or remove the seeds and put into a bag that can be disposed of); that will help to minimize the number of weeds in your garden.

Using straw as a mulch between your vegetables would also minimize weed growth in the future.

We hope that these suggestions will be helpful to you.