Black Baccara Rose


Would you know where I can buy Black Baccara Rose and Dolce Wildberry Coral Bell?
I am not having any luck so far in places like Sheridan, Kennedy Greenhouse and others.


We are not permitted to recommend sources where plants may be purchased.  However, we can suggest that you go to Landscape Ontario and search for nurseries or garden centres in your area other than the ones you have already called.  When you call these centres, if they don’t have the plants you want, ask them if they can suggest another centre that might have them.

Another suggestion is to “google search” on-line using terms like “baccara rose nursery Ontario” or “baccara rose catalogue Ontario”.  If you come across a site that looks promising, but the plant is sold out, call them to ask them if they know of any other nursery that might have it.   The same online search strategy can be used for “dolce wildberry coral bell” and “dolce wildberry Heuchera”.

There are also groups of rose aficionados, e.g., the Canadian Rose Society (which also has a Facebook page) – you might want to contact them to see if they now where you can source your rose plant.  The Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society more information on your lovely coral bells (Heuchera).

Good luck in finding your lovely plants!