Black Dragon Wisteria


My neighbour put an ugly addition on the top of his fence and I planted lacy vine to cover it but it was out of control so I cut it down and dug the roots out. Then I found this healthy looking Black Dragon Wisteria and planted it. I probably should have done some research because it may do the same as the lacy vine. Also, will its roots take all the nutrients from plants nearby (perennials, shrubs and a very small slow growing tree? any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.


Wisteria floribunda “Black Dragon” is a very heavy bloomer, once it gets going.  It is also fast growing vine. Blooms dangle from the vine and can reach 1 foot long.  Branches can be heavy as they mature.  Therefore, the structure used for supporting the wisteria must be solid. Wisteria climbs best on trellises, arbors and pergolas. Vines naturally twist around their support.  A typical 6 foot high wooden fence ( if this is what you have)  is not ideal but could work if you keep the vine under control.  To keep your wisteria in check you need to prune on a regular basis. Cut back in late July or August when new shoots appear and flowers have finished.

Wisteria grows in most soils. Any plants growing nearby will not really compete with the wisteria for nutrients.  More likely these plants will become overwhelmed by the sheer size of the wisteria, which can block the sun and the rain.

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