Blooms on dahlias and hydrangeas


My dahlias were very late blooming, we live west of Barrie, my friend in Wasaga Beach, her dahlias are beautiful – any suggestions would help.
Also I have 2 hydrangeas and neither one have bloomed but are very healthy looking



Thanks for your post.


The quality of the bulb, the soil and light conditions as well as the depth of which the bulb is planted all can affect the bloom time and quality.  Attached is some general information on Dahlias.  Dahlias are hardy to zone 9 to 11, you should dig up your Dahlias this fall.



There are many species within the genus Hydrangeas.  One of the most significant differences between the species is whether their blooms grow on new or old wood.   For example; Hydrangea macrophylla have the blooms grow on old wood therefore you do not want to cut these back in the spring, you need to cut them back after they have bloomed in the fall.  However, Hydrangea arborescens bloom on new wood and therefore can be cutback in the spring.  If you do not which species you have you can tell by the leaf… macrophylla have very ‘ribbed’ leaves while arborescens leaves are smoother.

Attached is a fact sheet about why your hydrangea did not bloom and outlines two other possible reasons.

Hope this information helps and will provide the exact answer to your questions.