Blue Agapanthus


I am at the lakke in Toronto, my Agapanthus are in pots,
the blooms have fallen off., do they rebloom or shall I cut off
the heads…what to do once agapanthus lose their blooms?


There are two types of Agapanthus, deciduous and evergreen, and yours is likely one of the evergreen varieties, which are commonly available in the Toronto area.  These typically bloom once in mid-summer.  If you know the specific cultivar, you will be able to determine whether you have a deciduous or evergreen variety; if not, it is probably safe to assume that you can now cut off the old flower heads, before they begin to set seeds.  You should do this by snipping the flower stem near the base of the plant.  Now is also a good time to prune any dead or damaged leaves.

For interest’s sake, here is a link to a previous post with more details on the Agapanthus, including information on how to overwinter it: