blue berry bushes


Can a blueberry bush be overwintered outside in a pot in toronto?


Success in over-wintering plants depends on many factors, including:

  • size of pot (Use a container as large/deep as possible, keeping in mind weight if it sits on a balcony);
  • winter hardiness of plant (Plants should be two zones hardier – for example, Zone 4 if you live in Zone 6);
  • prevailing winds (Cold winter winds can be damaging to any plant)
  • insulation over winter (A thick topping of snow or mulch can prevent the freeze-thaw cycle that can kill roots)

Blueberries also have specific requirements, including acidic, well-drained soil. They also have a shallow root system that will need winter protection. This blueberry fact sheet from OMAFRA is designed for the home gardener:

I don’t usually like to post links to information that isn’t from an educational source, but I know Kerry Michaels as a very knowledgeable writer about container growing. She has this to say about growing blueberries in pots:

So the answer is a tentative yes – depending on the factors above. Hope this helps. If not, perhaps you can tell us more about your specific situation? For example, will the container be on a balcony?