Blue cohosh berries


Is this native plant toxic or deadly to Birds and other wildlife i.e. raccoons, squirrels, etc.?
The berries are poisonous to children but there is little ‘on line’ about their toxicity when ingested by birds.


Thanks for your inquiry.

Blue cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) berries are indeed poisonous to humans. Aboriginal peoples and early white settlers drank a tea made from the roots of this plant to promote menstruation and rapid childbirth.  Historically, the root was used in medicine, and the seeds and fruit were used for food.  (Source: ‘ Forest Plants of Central Ontario’ )

Birds and wildlife seem to intuitively know what native plants they can and cannot eat.  I would be watchful  if I had any domestic animals as they will be affected.

For more information on this native plant, please follow the link