Blue spruce


My blue spruce is 3 years old. But I noticed it has grown but there is thin growth on the inside of the tree in that u can see the branches and trunk very well. Is this tree lacking something?


Blue Spruce are a magnificent tree specimens and can grow to be quite large given the right conditions, which include:

  1. Soil that is well draining and mildly acidic with a pH of between 5.0 & 7.0
  2. Availability of water.  Young trees need regular watering which is best done using drip irrigation which targets moisture directly to the roots.
  3. Full sun, but trees will tolerate very light shade.
  4. Top dressing around the tree with well rotted sheep manure, worm castings or a good quality compost should give the tree all the nutrients it needs with the bonus of improving soil structure and increasing soil microbial activity.
  5. If this is deemed necessary, a balanced organic NPK fertilizer with low numbers can be used once in the spring (6-6-6).
  6. Pollution – growing in the city may impact the trees blue colour but should not impact growth or health.
  7. Weeds should be kept down surrounding the tree as it does not like competition for nutrients or water.
  8. Mulching around the tree out to the dripline with a 2 inch layer of bark mulch will not only help retain moisture but will suppress weed growth.

In your case, if you provide all the above then your tree should continue to grow and fill out in time.

Hope this helps.