Bluebird lace cap hydrangea


I live in the Toronto region and have been trying to find a bluebird lace cap hydrangea.  I unfortunately lost my only two in the garden a couple of years back.  I managed to get a subtle lilac flower.  They were so delicate and lovely that I thought I would try to find the plant again.  But it seems all the nurseries I am searching no longer supply that particular hydrangea.  Would you recommend a nursery that could get this hydrangea in or recommend a suitable variety?



Indeed the delicate blooms of the lacecap hydrangeas are absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately, my only recommendation is to phone around or try to order it online.  Some wholesale nurseries may be able to tell you on their websites whether they carry it, and then you may be able to order from one of their suppliers.  Sometimes nurseries may not carry an item if is not popular or has not been successful in a particular climate.

However, I would like you to think about the previous plant locations and reasons why your shrubs did not succeeded, before you plant any new ones.  This Hydrangea (Hydrangea serrata ‘Bluebird) is hardy to USDA zone 5 and like many hydrangeas it requires partial sun and good moisture, but also good drainage.  Just keep that in mind when you find one and decide on where to plant it.  If you cannot find that particular hydrangea, I’m sure a nursery would be able to suggest something similar, as there seem to be new varieties on the market each year.

Good luck in your search.