Bonsai in Toronto


Hello, I came to your website searching for information on Bonsai. Where can I purchase an indoor potted Bonsai as a gift? I do not live in Toronto but will be visiting my friend in the Etobicoke area. Thanks for any advice.


The mandate of Master Gardeners is to educate on good gardening practices, plant care and uses for the home and garden. We don’t advocate for the retail trade, though we would advise on going to your local garden centre or calling an arborist if we determined one is needed.

Don’t despair, however, there are Bonsai clubs throughout Ontario. Since you may be in the Toronto area at some point, check out the Toronto Bonsai Society’s website: These folks know all things bonsai, and may be able to direct you to what you need. A quick peek showed me that they are having a Spring Show 2015 in May.