Bonsai Tools Retail


Where can I buy really good Bonsai shears for sale in downtown To. I used my husband’s in the garden and ruined them. I need a replacement pair. I see Lee Valley has some but they are generic. I want good ones. On-line shipping will cost me $30.00 which I would rather not pay. Thanks for your help with this


As an independent service organization we do not endorse specific suppliers but we can direct you to high quality sources for you to choose from. If the products at Lee Valley do not suffice (be sure to visit their King Street W. store in Toronto to inspect the bonsai tools yourself and speak to the staff), The Toronto Bonsai Society has a short list of vendors that is worth exploring for tools. I don’t think any of the listed vendors is in downtown Toronto but if you take your bonsai seriously you might enjoy getting to know a specialist who can support your needs.

Please go to and proceed to the Vendor section.