box hedge protection


I live in west Toronto. The soil is very sandy. Last year I took 90 box cuttings, 89, of which, rooted and survived the winter indoors. I planted them out in Spring to form a clipped hedge around a flower bed. They cover about 20 feet so winter protection is going to be awkward. They have been clipped in mid summer and are now about 4 inches high. Eventually, they will be kept low at about 10 inches. I hope! Last winter, I lost one clipped box in a container. The others survived. I have no idea how to protect my infant hedge this winter. Please advise.


Thank you for your inquiry. Boxwood (Buxus sp.) is a very popular shrub for hedges, as they can be shaped easily and look well in a formal garden.  They are also vulnerable to extreme heat or cold and salt damage in the winter.  Please refer to The Master Gardeners Guide: Putting the Garden to Bed on how to properly prepare your evergreens for the winter.