Brandon Pyramidal Cedar in King City, Ontario


House in King City, ON. I am planning to plant Brandon Pyramidal Cedar on the North side and South side of the backyard. End goal is to create a lush evergreen privacy screen.
Total area to plant is105 ft on both sides.

My question is are Brandon Pyramidal Cedar a good choice for tardy level 5b in King City? Also how far apart should I plant them to create an even privacy screen


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  The Brandon pyramidal cedar (Thuja occidentalis ‘Brandon’) is a variety of white cedar.  It is a deep green, medium growing cedar that is hardy to zone 3 (so should be fine in Zone 5b) and a good selection for a privacy hedge.  These cedars can spread 3-4 feet and even up to 6 feet by some references. Planting 2 feet apart is suggested.  The Brandon cedar has moderate water needs and will do best in full sun. Be patient, as it will take a few seasons (2-3) for your hedge to establish itself.  Best of luck with this project!