bright pink iris identification


A friend asked me to identify a plant that grows at his cottage and is bloom in the fall. It looks like some sort of lily to me, but can anyone please identify this plant for me?

Thanks so much.



Dear Gardener,

It is difficult to give a definite answer to your question. You never mentioned the location of the cottage (zone), light conditions (full sun, shade). That being said, from your photograph it appears that the plant in question could be  Nerine sp. This fall flowering bulb is a member of the Amaryllis family. Most Nerine  flowering scapes are 30-50cm tall and are terminated by a loose umbel of five to 10 trumpet-shaped, shocking-pink flowers. It flowers outdoors from September to early November, depending on temperature and site. The bulbs should be planted in autumn or early winter, spaced 7-10cm apart then covered with mulch to protect from frost in the first year until they are fully established. A well-drained coarse, sandy soil, low in nitrogen, is recommended.

Additional information on Nerine can be found at the following websites:,,

Continue to enjoy this spectacular plant.