Bringing Annuals indoors


When should my container plants and herbs be brought indoors?


Patio plants that you want to save for next year as well as tender herbs should be brought in before the first frost. Before bringing in any plant you should give them the once over for any bugs that may move inside along with the plant. Provide proper size containers for any plants that you are digging out of the garden. Make sure that the pot has proper drainage and is large enough for the roots. Remember not to use soil from the gardens as it can carry pest and diseases. Instead buy potting soil for indoor plants.

Lightly cut back the plants to encourage new growth.  The plants need to acclimatize to the low light and low humidity often found in our homes.  This can be accomplished by keeping the plants in a shady location prior to moving them indoors or by bringing the plants in for a few hours each day.

Once acclimatized make sure to place the plants in a bright, sunny spot. The air inside our homes is drier than outside. An occasional misting will help increase the humidity around the plants.

Make sure to water indoor plants deeply and infrequently . Once indoors, do not fertilize the plants as this is not an active growing time for plants.