Browning of weeping mulberry


I live in Vaughan. My weeping mulberry is browning. Almost 95% of the leaves are brown and have holes in them. I have three trees only the sick one has berries. The other two are still fine. I tried to cut off the sick leaves but it will become bare. Please advise. I don’t want to lose it.




It looks like you may have a Cercospora fungus (Leaf Spot) that attacks Mulberry trees usually via splashing water in rainy weather. We have had a lot of rain this spring so the environment has been perfect for it’s growth. You will need to cut off the infected leaves, twigs and branches and any dead woody material. It would also be good to clean up all plant debris on the ground as well and dispose of it in the garbage. This should be done in the fall as well since the Cercospora fungus will overwinter in plant material left around near the tree. Any pruning equipment you use  on the tree should be disinfected  before using it again on the tree or other plants. It is best to spray a fungicide – sulphur based in the early spring on the tree as a preventative every 1.5 – 2 weeks however, the fungicide will not work as well later in the season. At this time, it is best to just clean up the tree and ensure that it has optimal growing conditions. Has the tree been fertilized? It likes a bit of All Purpose Fertilizer such as  10-10-10 or 20-20-20 twice a year – once in the late winter and again in midsummer or a slow release fertilizer once in the late winter. Good Luck.