Bud drop on gardenias


I have a potted gardenia, which has healthy leaves, with numerous buds; however they drop and do not bloom. It has bloomed in the past. I purchased it this year in May. My question is, “why does it not bloom?”


Thank you for your inquiry.  There are many reasons for “bud drop” on your gardenia plant. Causes include root injury, insect damage, temperatures too high or too low, and inconsistent watering. Insects, such as aphids and thrips, damage unopened buds, causing them to drop. Pear-shaped aphids are visible, but tiny thrips can go undetected until they have caused considerable damage.

You have not mentioned the presence of any pests which indicates to me it could be temperature or watering.  It has been very hot this summer, gardenias prefer moderate temperatures.  If you have your plant in direct afternoon sun move it to a shadier location.  During bloom time, the soil should be moist but not soggy.  Gardenias can be very temperamental.  For additional information please refer to the links: