Buying a cherry tree – how to and where?


I would like to purchase a cherry tree for my garden. Where can I buy one and what should I look for?


The large garden centres  in Toronto sell cherry trees. Look for a healthy, sturdy tree that is not root bound. But your first decision is which kind of cherry you want to grow.

There are two categories of fruiting cherry trees: sour and sweet.

Sour Cherry

All sour cherries are self-fruitful which means they will set fruit with their own pollen.  Montmorency is a variety recommended for Ontario home gardens.  It is a very old standard variety.  The fruit is red with a yellow flesh.  The tree reaches 4.5 m at maturity with a spreading habit.  The fruit ripens mid to late June.

Sweet Cherry

Only some sweet cherries are self-fruitful.  Others must be cross-pollinated with pollen from another pollinator.  Self-fruitful sweet cherry varieties includea: Stella, Vandalay and Tehranivee.  The Stella variety has large dark red fruit on vigorous, large trees (to 9 m).  The fruit ripens gate June-early July.  The Vandalay and Tehranovee varieties are both hybrids developed at the University of Guelph with Stella as one of the parents.   Sweetheart is a smaller sweet cherry tree that is also self-fruitful. General information on growing fruit trees in home gardens can be found on the web site of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food at the link below:



Source: our own web site.