Buying organic herbs and veggies


Hi there,

I recently took a two hour course on how to garden on balconies. I had a question regarding where I can buy already grown organic herbs and veggies. I don’t mind buying seeds but I realize it will take some time for these to harvest and I would like to start using some herbs now. Can you recommend a retailer or other store/garden centre that carries this?




Dear gardener, thank you so much for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

As a non-for profit and unbiased organization, we can not promote particular retailers however, if you are in the GTA I can tell you that the major nursery retailers have a section for basic organic vegetables (Tomatoes, Peppers, lettuces, & herbs). I would suggest you call them before you make the trip to a particular one but as demand for these products increases, we should be seeing more of these.

Also of interest is the Toronto Botanical Garden Market on Thursdays. See this link for more information:

Hope this information helped a little and remember, there is always next year to experiment with seeds!

Happy gardening.